MEET GUS – FFR Wealth Teams 2021 Cutest Pet Winner

Lisa Kessler – Client Relations Manager, FFR Wealth Team


Gus Meyer Murray is a squishy and lovable Bassett Hound. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gus personally for years and he is such a good boy!

When I tell you Gus has fur softer than cashmere it’s no lie. He loves snuggles and playing with his brother & sister, Loretta & Charlie.  And treats, lots of treats.  Who doesn’t??

Gus lives with his parents Jeannie & Tommy in Cincinnati, OH and they lovingly refer to him as “low rider” 😊 Gus beat 19 other pets to be crowned out CUTEST PET OF THE YEAR and he surely deserves it!

Unfortunately, as I write this, it is with a very heavy heart, shortly after being crowned our winner, Tommy & Jeannie had to say goodbye to their loving boy. Gus developed a tumor behind his eye and with it spreading, he was no longer able to go on pain free.

Gus was greeted at the rainbow bridge by many furry friends who will show him the ropes.  He will run, play and eat plentiful treats. But he is GREATLY MISSED here.

We love you Gus, you will always be one of the cutest and best.

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