Ericka Steele


Director of First Impressions

(859) 445-0550

Ericka adds value to the FFR experience by being the first face they see when they come in the door. With an energetic attitude and experience across a variety of cultures and countries, Ericka loves people and makes them feel at home.

Ericka graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. In Mathematics and a minor in Economics. She then started working for a Physicians Association in Hawaii where she worked her way up from an Executive Assistant to an Operations Manager. During that time, she received her MBA from the University of Hawaii.

She then decided to take time off to raise her two young children and moved back to the mainland to be closer to family. Ericka and her husband, Nick, and two kids, Logan and Cambria, have settled in nicely in Cincinnati and are slowly figuring out how to survive in the cold.

Ericka grew up a military brat and moved all over when she was young. This sparked an intense desire to travel. She has visited 18 countries and makes it a goal to leave the country at least once a year.

When she is not out of the country, she enjoys going to Orange Theory Fitness and getting out of the house with her children.


Getting to Know Ericka

  • Favorite food: Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
  • Favorite book: The Giver
  • Favorite movie: The Martian
  • Favorite TV show: Brooklyn Nine-nine
  • Something on your bucket list: To swim in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe